Wanted: Mid-Hudson Pagan authors

Organizers of the New Paltz Pagan Pride Day want to know: are there authors, local to the Mid-Hudson Valley, who have written books of interest to the Pagan community?

It is sometimes said that it is wiser never to ask a question to which one does not have an answer. The answer to the above question is, “Yes.”

The next question — for which the NPPPD organizers do not yet have an answer — is who among them would like to meet potential readers and fans in New Paltz?

A local Pagan Pride Day provides an opportunity to get in front of Pagans without spending a night away from home.  This could take the form of a book signing, answering questions before an audience, or leading a related ritual or workshop.

If you are such an author, or you are the fan of one, fill in the form below.