There be Pagans here!

There are Pagans in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  There are Pagans in New Paltz.  Not all of us are private about our religion, but one thing that might be a common thread among the many Pagan paths is that there’s no particular recruitment requirement.  Without that, it’s easy to slip into the shadows, unnoticed.

Being able to talk with other members of minority faiths is generally a good thing, even if one doesn’t choose to worship alongside of them.  One of the benefits of a New Paltz Pagan Pride Day will be to get local Pagans to recognize each other, and possibly build relationships.

However, there’s no need to wait for that.  There are various groups on that arrange social events in the region, and there’s also the Facebook group Mid-Hudson Pagans.  (If you wish to join, expect to be challenged if there’s nothing blatantly Pagan displayed in your profile and you have no friends presently in the group.  It’s just a precaution.)

Reach out to find local Pagans.  Connect.  Conspire.  This is your moment.

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